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Peacock strives to offer value innovation, custom manufacturing and formulation.

As farmers ourselves, we know firsthand the importance of performance, consistency and return on investment and we are passionate about delivering this across our product solutions in a practical and efficacious manner with first class service.

Image by Boris  Smokrovic

Peacock offers novel solutions when it comes to insect and pest control. Our products offer a range of both conventional and biological options and are available in a variety of different formulations to meet varying requirements

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Our product line offers superior control of multiple diseases and pathogens by utilizing complimentary active ingredients. We have options for conventional and biological active ingredients and for numerous application methods

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Peacock is a leader within the sector when it comes to delivering value innovation within biologicals and inoculants. Our products offer practical solutions that aid in disease and pest control, alleviate abiotic stress and provide improved nutrient use efficiency, crop quality and shelf life

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