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Peacock Industries

Seeding Innovation Since 1985.

Here at Peacock Industries farming is in our blood, and we are proud of our families legacy of delivering value innovation to growers across the world. From our founding in 1985 to this day, Peacock has persevered in our mission of introducing novel technologies that offer both product differentiation and competitive pricing. Our success has provided countless crop producers, livestock, dairy and aquaculture farms with superior product solutions that facilitate in growth, crop protection and animal health and nutrition.

As the industry witnesses rapid change and external pressures, Peacock is unwavering in its commitment to its customers and to developing products built upon a foundation of solid science driven by a never ending pursuit of value innovation. 


cherry tree.jpg
Close Up of Corn Field


1 Rheinland Road, Hague, Saskatchewan, Canada, S0K 1X0  Tel: 306-225-4691

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